Håkan Lundstedt

Håkan Lundstedt, President and CEO Synsam Group, has a long and solid experience in Retail and FMCG.

He has successfully launched several FMCG brands and has transformed the car aftermarket in the Nordics as CEO at the listed company Mekonomen Group.

Since he joined Synsam in 2015 he has implemented a new customer focused strategy and positioned Synsam Group as the most innovative player in European optical retail.
He is not afraid to challenge conventions and has put together a management team that currently consists of more than 50 per cent women.

Synsam Group has, to name a few achievements in the past three years, launched a world-class subscription model Synsam Lifestyle™, a unique sports concept Synsam Sports, a brand new concept store: Ai, a collection designed in collaboration with Bernadotte and Kylberg and three House Brands: Fellepini, D. Arnesen and most recently, this autumn, Oscar Eide.

Described by his colleagues as fearless and with high drive, Håkan won the Leader of the Year award in Sweden 2018. He has a clear vision, is improvement-oriented and places high demands on himself and others and is also highly appreciated by his colleagues. 

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