Marie Andervin

Marie started her latest journey in 2012, leaving her own start-up and the work with MarCom digital transformation to dive into the new area of digital transformation. It started as a research project, together with Joakim Jansson, and ended up in 2016 with a new company DigJourney, a methodology for digital transformation, the book Leading Digital Transformation and digital tools to support the journey.

Since then, Marie has done over 100 lectures, certified approx 70 consultants in a Digital Transformation Framework and is working with global companies helping them in their digital transformation.

Marie believes that knowledge about digitalization’s business opportunities in a fast-moving world must increase to ensure a sustainable competitiveness. For this reason, her focus is in three areas: corporate competitiveness, new digital career roles, and digital inclusion - all three equally important for sustainable development. Her vision of digital as a natural part of corporate and individual life is a guiding principle in Marie’s work.

Marie has a background as an entrepreneur and management consultant and is a well-known educator in digital transformation. She is the co-founder of DigJourney that is co-creating digital transformation by empowering individuals, organizations and societies giving them the ability to find their own path into the future. She also works on a number of executive and advisory boards.

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