Alexander Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder is one of the world’s most influential proponents of business model innovation and value proposition design. He provides a framework for large companies and start-ups to innovate by rapidly experimenting with new business models and value propositions. Co-founder of Strategyzer, a leading software provider that helps organisations develop growth engines, better customer services and powerful business models, Alex is an unparalleled keynote speaker.

Able to educate companies through this time of rapid technological change, increased uncertainty, market volatility and ever-changing customer needs, Alex makes business model innovation and value proposition design accessible for any business. His keynotes ensure value-creating growth is an essential strategy for all kinds of industries. 

He is credited for inventing the “Business Model Canvas,” a strategic management tool to design build and test business models. The tool has been successfully used by leading organisations as Coca-Cola, GE, P&G, Mastercard, Ericsson, LEGO and 3M. 

His book Business Model Generation has been named among the 12 best business books of all time by USA Today. He has also written the bestseller Value Proposition Design and published work on how to gain greater fit between a product and its intended market.

A passionate entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker and leadership coach, Alex won the 2015 strategy award from Thinkers50; he was also nominated again in 2017 and he ranks high (#7) among the leading business thinkers of the world. If this wasn’t enough in 2013, he won the European Union’s inaugural Innovation Luminary Award.

Alex is a frequent keynote speaker at Fortune 500 companies and has been guest lecturer in top universities around the world. He holds a Ph.D. from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland, and is a founding member of The Constellation, a global not-for-profit organization aiming to make HIV/AIDS and Malaria history.

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