Lydia Capolicchio

Lydia’s passion for communication launched her journalism career already as a young high school student.

Her journalism experience has spanned three decades with assignments including news anchor, producer of investigative documentaries, and host of the Eurovision Song Contest – not to mention flying the Saab Mach 2 fighter jet Viggen. She is a proven producer, director and a former reporter in news and entertainment.

There is an international demand for her engagement. Her clientele includes global industry, leading businesses and all levels of government. Lydia can be seen on stage and in the board room with well known industry leaders and politicians as well as NGO:s and civil rights people.

Lydia has a focus on clear dialogue with a unique ability to find synergies and create trust. She is respected for her engagement and preparation in all assignments. Lydia is of Italian-Slovenian heritage and was born in Borås, the western part of Sweden.

She is passionate about the European people and its politics and has chosen to apply her strategic communication skills in a variety of forums close to her heart.

Lydia is based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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